crazy about solar pv!

This is our main focus as it is the simplest means to generate free, ongoing, usable energy.  Everything else comes on a truck, or down a wire.

forward thinking

Our clean energy installations are environmentally friendly – while you’re looking after the planet, you’ll also be looking after your bank balance!

problem solvers

We may not be able to install every type of system, but we have a network of local partner companies, covering all the bases!

quality guaranteed

As members of RECC & MCS all the workmanship and products we use in our renewable installations, are fully guaranteed.

Tom Gerhardt

Tom Gerhardt

founder & projects manager

Green Star Energy Solutions Ltd. was  was established in 2014 by Tom Gerhardt with the aim of delivering a bespoke and highly customer focused renewable energy installation company, with a particular focus on solar photovoltaics.  As well as being qualified to design and install solar pv systems, Tom is also a qualified a heating engineer and energy assessor.  He has over 20 years experience in the construction industry and is responsible for the overall direction and growth of the business.  He will personally project manage and participate in the installation of all the contracts the company takes on.


what we are about

We specialise in the design and installation of solar photovoltaic systems for domestic and commercial customers in Scotland’s Central Belt area.

We offer a genuinely customer focused service.  As well as being solar pv installers, we are heating engineers, installers, energy assessors, Green Deal Advisors and as such, we are exceptionally well placed to offer a broad view of the full range of renewable possibilities that may be relevant to your circumstances.

We will only ever recommend what is in our clients very best interests – even if it means recommending not to go ahead with a system, or that you find a different more appropriate installer!

Environmental conservation is at the heart of our company ethos, yet we know that the main drivers in this world are economic.  Thanks to the Feed in Tariff, the Renewable Heat Incentive and the Scottish Governments 0% Renewables Loans, we are in the very fortunate position to be able to offer our clients, financial ‘no-brainers’  –  do you want to pay less and reduce your CO2 emmissions, or do you want to stay as you are?

what you can expect from us

All our proposals will model current fuel costs and potential savings, and where a client is considering various renewable options we will get them up to speed on the practical implications of living with each technology (if they are not already so), and we will create a model that will illustrate the financial implications of each choice, so the client is in the best possible position to make an informed choice, reflecting real potential savings and the practical implications of each option.  Some people will love to feed wood pellets into a biomass boiler, enjoying the smell and the weekly routines, where some will clearly not be so inclined!

All the implications  of each type of system, need to be thought through and considered – practical concerns need to be anticipated and addressed.  Where can the fuel be stored?  Is it worth paying extra for a automatic feed?  What are the annual maintenance costs?  Is a bore hole better then a ground array?  How long is the system realistically going to last for?  All these issues can only be explored and addressed in a safe non pressured environment.  We aim to create that environment, giving our clients the best platform to make the right choices for there homes or businesses.

We aim to build our reputation on trust, quality and cost and this cant be done by selling people the wrong things in the wrong way!

We don’t employ sales people –  in fact, with us, you will only ever be talking someone who knows about the systems, because they physically install them!  We will never phone you unless you have asked us to do so.

Please feel confident to give us a call or drop us an email, if you have any questions relating to renewable energy systems, government incentives, household energy assessments and general energy conservation.

About us

Green Star Energy Solutions Ltd. is a is a company that specialises in taking a holistic look at the specific energy requirements of your home or business and matching this to a perfect renewable solution, where viable. We are a small renewable energy company, whoes objective is to reduce rural householders fuel bills, enabling our clients to capitalise on on the RHI and other government incentives, while reducing CO2 emmissions.  As a new company, reputation is everything to us, and we aim to impress with our abilities and exceed the expectations of all our clients.  We were established in 2014, with the main objective of addressing the large number of properties in the central belt that do not access to mains gas and are there for running on oil of electric heating systems.  With the introduction of The RHI in April 2014, it has become financially beneficial for house holders to move over to renewables, and we were established to aid this transition.