domestic solar photovoltaics & battery storage

wind generated electricity - best in the winter when you need it most!

the sun charges the ground like giant battery

commercial solar photovoltaics

4.8% rate of return for solar PV

wood burning stoves with efficiencies of up to 89%

free renewable energy

Use the latest heat pump technologies to extract up to 75% of your heating requirement from the ground or atmosphere

generate & store your own electricity

capture free electricity with solar panels and store it in batteries for use in the evenings – cut your power bill massively!

gas boiler replacement

Energy Saving Trust estimate you can save £340 off your bill- follow this link to their site.  Let us upgrade your system and start saving!

repairs & plumbing

Free estimates, no-fix-no-fee, £45 for first hour of callout, fixed pricing and a transparent, clear pricing structure

use our simple fuel comparison calculator to see if upgrading your heating system or switching to renewable sources of energy could save you money...

the calculator factors in your current type of fuel, approximate energy requirements based on your annual bill, a range of heating systems and their efficiencies and the likely total annual running costs of each system

System Calculator

considering renewables?

Take a look at a range of renewable technologies that may suit you and save you money!

energy assessments

We offer a free initial consultation at your home or business, as well as survey services such as Green Deal, EPC’s & heat loss calculations

government subsidies

Find out about Government Feed in Tariff’s, Renewable Heat Incentive, 0% loans and currant cash-back schemes


transparent & clear pricing

To demonstrate our comitment to up front pricing, we aim to market a range of fixed price renewable installation options  – see our fixed price offers.

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oil at 3p per kWh V's mains gas at 4.4p per kWh

with oil prices in free fall, it is now cheaper then mains gas – is there really any point at looking at renewables?

4.8% rate of return for solar PV

The Department for Energy And Climate Change anounced that their planed cuts of 64% to the Feed in Tariff are targeted at creating a 4.8% rate of return for solar PV.

the sun charges the ground with energy like giant battery

a ground source heat pump can can then be used to extract this low temperature energy and convert it into high value heat your property

gas work and general plumbing

If you have mains gas, that’s your best option for heating.  We install high efficiency gas boilers, with 10 year warranties, all at very competitive prices.

energy efficient heating taken to a new level...

making your home or business warmer for less

We specialise in designing and installing the most cost effective heating solution, best suited to your specific needs.  We offer a totally free consulting service where we evaluate your property, your current energy consumption, and your usage requirements.  This information is then compared to a matrix of all fuel types and their most up to date prices, all potentially suitable heating technologies, likely system costs, and current governemnt subsidies.  We then give you a report which will enable you to make informed decisions about what is in your own best interests.  No hard sell, no obligation, just free honest advice from a renewables heating engineer qualified in energy assessment.

request a free assessment of your propertySee our section on current fuel costs

switch to clean, more affordable energy

Take advantage of government payment schemes to cover the cost of your transition. We will only ever recommend what is in our clients very best interests - even if it means reccomending not to go ahead with a system, or that you find a different more appropiate installer to the specific nature of your project!

we are MCS Approved Installers and members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code

Based in the Scottish Borders and operating in Scotland's Central Belt area, we aim to offer you the best advice, products and prices with a quality installation service from our friendly team. We take pride in operating to the highest technical and ethical standards!

drop us a line or give us a call

we don’t do hard sell – we promise!

In fact we will never to phone you unless you have asked us to do so!  Please give us a call or drop us a email if you have any questions relating to renewable energy systems, government incentives, household energy assessments and conservation.


Want to see what your home or business could generate?

Please fill in your details below and we will be in touch shorlty to offer you a free desktop survey, or a site visit by a renewables engineer.

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what we do

Green Star Energy Solutions Ltd. is a is a company that specialises in taking a holistic look at the specific energy requirements of your home or business and matching this to a perfect renewable solution, where viable.

We are a small renewable energy company, whoes objective is to reduce the energy bills of rural householders and businesses, enabling our clients to capitalise on the RHI and other government incentives, while reducing their CO2 emmissions.

As a new company, reputation is everything, and we aim to earn the very best reputation in the business, by exceed the expectations of our clients in terms of quality of design, products, installation, customer service and cost. We were established in 2014, with the main objective of addressing the large number of properties in the central belt that do not have access to mains gas, and are running on oil of electric heating systems.

With the introduction of The RHI in April 2014, it has never before been so financially beneficial for house holders and businesses to move over to renewables – we’d like you to help you with this transition!